Hello and thanks for checking out my website. Here's some information about me.


I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and raised in a small rural town deep within the Apartheid heartland. My childhood wasn't easy. My mother who suffered from epilepsy tried her very best to provide for my brother, sister and I. We lived in poverty and could only afford the very basics in food and clothing. This tough start to life however developed within me the resolve to make something better of my life. I studied at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I majored in Industrial Engineering and Marketing. 

Soon after finishing six years of tertiary study I was offered a job as a 'Just-in-Time' Process Designer working within the automotive industry of South Africa. Over the course of the next 13-years I progressed my career eventually leading over five hundred people as an Operations Manager manufacturing parts for many large automotive companies. These included Toyota, Mercedez Benz, BMW, Audi, Bentley, General Motors and Ford. I recieved senior leadership training at the Toyota Motor Company of South Africa. I was fortunate enough to travel to many countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia, China and Romania learning and applying the principles and techniques associated with Lean manufacturing. 

In 2006 I moved to Australia with my beautiful wife Annette and lovely children Luke and Kara. We have made Perth in Western Australia our home. I currently work within one of the largest mining companies in the world. I made the move to Australia to help pioneer Lean thinking within the mining industry. For the past eight years I have worked across many diffirent mining, rail and port operations. I have flown in excess of five hundred thousand kilometres during this period working fly-in fly-out for five of the eight years. I have had the privilage of meeting a broad array of people working within the beautiful outback of Western Australia. In addition I have also provided more than a thousand hours of training, teaching senior leadership teams and operational employees how to practically apply the methodology.


It was during these trips to the bush that I was inspired to put pen to paper and share my experiences. Since then I have written more than sixty narratives of which fifity-five have been captured in this book. The mining industry is truly the last frontier for the deployment of Lean thinking and it’s with great excitement that the book has been published.

Chris Warner