What do people say about the book?

"When eloquence, descriptive analogy and technical experience is blended on the canvas of an author’s expression, we experience literary art. When this art has meaning, purpose and leaves us with new and progressive thought, we get to experience art in a way that adds genuine value to our lives. Chris has created such a masterpiece that I hope will receive the literary recognition and success it deserves. It’s a fantastic read and presented in a structure that serves those of us who like to go back and research useful and well thought out concepts!"

- George Lee Sye‪

Business Execution and Improvement Systems Consultant, Educator, Speaker and Author

“A well written, entertaining, eclectic collection of personal experiences and anecdotes. No, this book is much more than that! Chris writes with a flamboyance that brings interest and excitement to what is, essentially, a technical management philosophy. By combining textbook ideologies with real world examples in an inspiring and motivating style, Chris’ book is a must read for anyone with ambitions to better themselves not only in mining or business but in life itself.”

- Steve Fox‪

Manager Processing - Roy Hill Mining


"Chris makes a compelling case for a fundamentally different form of merging the lean methodology into a mining context. This book is both an inspiration and a cautionary tale.”

- Dr Carla Boehl

Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Engineering Asset Management - WA School of Mines, Curtin University


“If you are a leader in the mining industry, then this book is for you! Following a decade of capital growth, the 'Productivity Agenda' era has arrived in full force. Lean methodology is proven and powerful in the manufacturing sector over many decades, and is now ready to be fully embraced in mining.  This does however require a change in thinking, not just the random deployment of lean tools.  Nobody has thought about the application of Lean in mining more than Chris Warner.  The combination of relevant industry stories and abstract metaphors creates an easy to read, yet powerful, book that can be used by all levels of an organisation to change the way people think.  This change in thinking will underpin the high productivity levels the mining industry is seeking.” 

- Dominic Collins

Partner Global Integrated Operations


“There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of books out there related to the topics of Lean, Six Sigma and the Theory of Constraints. I know, because I have read many of them and unfortunately the vast majority of them are not very engaging. This book is different! Chris has captured the technical ideologies and combined them with entertaining real-world personal stories which keep you engaged throughout the book. While it may not yet be on every “book list” for Lean practitioners…it should be! It clearly explains how to impact a company's performance by utilising the strength of Lean production methodology to provide the organisation with greater speed, less process variation, and more bottom-line impact.” 

- Jessica Barber

Transformation Lead, BHP Billiton


"Leaders often attempt to celebrate successful solutions to workplace challenges without recognising the mystery related to those challenges and the pleasure experienced whilst solving them.  Through colourful storytelling Chris takes the reader on a journey of discovery of some costly lessons learned over many years and manage to make these lessons memorable"  


- Kobus Potgieter

Mining Executive and Senior Consultant


'Flick The Switch' is entertaining and easy to read, providing valuable and relevant insights into Lean and Leadership. It is filled with analogies, which will help every reader connect with the content and enable them to apply their personal 'takeaways' to their own circumstances. This book has potential application far beyond the mining sector.”

Mark Secrette

General Manager, Haulage & Port, Atlas Iron


"We have been digging up rocks for over 100 years. I think we know a thing or two about what we are doing so why should we change?”

This is a comment I have heard for a long time throughout my career. Within the pages of this piece of literary work Chris has shown just how irrelevant this comment is and also how much an organisation can be improved by implementing a LEAN philosophy. Simple, inexpensive, logical points are discussed and the real question that has to be asked is “why the hell wouldn't you start implementing LEAN thinking into your organisation right now?” because if you don’t you must have lots of money to throw away. “I have seen or lived that” was something that I kept repeating to myself while reading Flick the Switch and shows a thorough understanding of the industry.

Chris’s writing style including the analogies drawn to home life makes for compelling reading and I thoroughly recommend this work for those who are dedicated to making a difference. Good luck with the journey.

- Dennis Driscoll

Manager Fixed Plant and Maintenance


"Chris touches on all aspects of lean thinking within mining in a delightful, “want to read more” way. The application of Chris’s’ teaching and creative style has been used to increase shutdown intervals by up to 15% within large blue chip mining companies. Chris nails it in Chapter41 “Thin Slicing.” To me the future of our beloved industry is dependent on us recognizing and rewarding the real people behind the macho miner façade that will carry the industry into a leaner more productive future. I recommend this read to everybody that wants to make a difference in a different way.”

- Johan Snyman‪

Maintenance, Shutdown & Asset Management Consultant


"Chris has managed to seamlessly combine inspirational personal life experiences with key Lean learning points and has achieved this incredibly effectively. He constantly reinforces and focuses on the often forgotten human side of organisational change which should always be front of mind during change initiative and is fundamental to change. This book is a must read for any organisation, not just miners, considering change and offers an extremely effective opportunity to capture and communicate the true intent of Lean."

- Martin Collard

Resource Sector Business Adviser, Change Agent & President AME.


“The personal narratives, which stay the right side of folksy to remain charming, demonstrate that the Lean methodology is accessible to anyone and visible everywhere.”

- John Sykes

Geologist, Mineral Economist & Strategist - University of Western Australia


“Chris brilliantly weaves sport, history, travel and childhood into relevance within the workplace, allowing the reader to connect with the content and become instantly inspired to make a difference in their own patch!”

- Brad Trigger

Global Transformation Director - VimpelCom


In this masterpiece, Chris has very eloquently woven his life’s experiences with concepts of continuous improvement and shown the audience the effectiveness and value of pragmatic and simplistic approaches to deliver results. His use of scenarios from chapter to chapter and linking these to concepts and theories and then using these to create awareness and a desire for change keeps his audience captivated. Articulating the value proposition of keeping things simple through to letting the guys on the floor develop their own processes and that of learning by doing will go a long way to ensure our industry keeps improving and the safety performance and environmental impact of the mining industry trends towards the better end. A great reading for all, from our colleagues on the shop-floor and the field to the CEOs and the Board Members.”

- Raman Autar

Senior Manager Global Maintenance -Barrick Gold Corporation


“‘Flick the Switch’ is a real life reflection on challenges we all face every day. Whether it’s the social behaviours of a seemingly efficient well-established group to the powers of influential communicators changing our direction and thoughts. All of which is gained experiences through interactions and the want for continuous improvement and change. If your training contradicts your experiences, take some guidance from Chris as his book will shed some light.”

- John Grosser

Business Process Improvement Manager - Swick Mining Services Ltd.